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Comodo Firewall + Basic protection against malware

Comodo firewall is a free firewall.. which has quite a lot of useful features.

With the free version you get:

A functional firewall with custom exceptions.. although it isn’t as good as say the old school firewall BlackIce, which will let you see the method the attacker was using, plus a¬†backtrace¬†with his/her i.p. But it gets the job done. (IBM bought Blackice and shut the company down ūüė• ¬† )

H.I.P.S. Protection (Host Intrusion Prevention Software) This is a huge feature, it protects editing of important system registry keys, if you¬†don’t¬†know that¬†what¬†means, than just accept that it is protecting your computer at a level that most firewalls don’t.

Defense+ РWhich basically lets you decide if programs being installed are safe to install.. lets say you are browsing a website and you have malware downloaded to your computer, this will stop and ask you, do you want to allow this program to install, and you can deny it/run it in sandbox mode(limited access).  True this might seem complicated to the average user, but to be safe while browsing the web, you need to learn how to do this.  If this is bothersome, you can disable this feature, and still have the firewall protection.

A lot of the other feature summed together are:

  • View active connections¬†
  • Security Policy
  • Trusted Files
  • View Events
  • View active process list
  • Sandbox mode
  • Blocking of apps/ports/ips


So to sum up this product, if you are are a basic user, run the firewall with sandbox mode off and defense mode on training mode or even easier just turn it off. At least you are getting basic firewall protection and its free.

If you couple this with using your internet behind a router which has a basic¬†firewall¬†built in, plus running monthly scans using MalwareBytes and/or TrendMicro’s free virus scan. You will be¬†relatively¬†safe. But just¬†in case, ¬†never forget to back up your important files to a usb drive, additional hard-drive, or an online back up service such as Carbonite. YOU ARE NEVER¬†COMPLETELY¬†PROTECTED ON THE INTERNET!

Additional:  If you want to browse the web with even more safety, run firefox or chrome, and install flash block, ad-blocker, cookie cleaner, and/or an add-on such as better-privacy. 

You will never be¬†completely¬†protected, but it is best to make sure you back up your¬†important¬†files, plus have the best defense against the internet’s vast amount of mal-ware/viruses.