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Google Chromecast (looks like an exciting product!) – Streams video to your TV from your smartphone/laptop..

The latest device from Google is a HDMI dongle that plugs into your tv, which enables you to  stream internet video content from your smart phone, tablet, or laptop directly to your TV(WIFI Required.) Essentially you are watching internet video while controlling options  such as play, pause, volume and content directly from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop(or pc.)

It looks like some apps initially have native support such as Netflix, YouTube,  and Google Play Music and Movies, but I am sure there will be a lot more companies looking to support this product.  

Also, using Chromecast from your laptop/pc is where things get better.. You will be able to install the Chromecast extension on your Google Chrome browser, which in all effect beams your current Chrome browser tab direct to your TV.  

Tab beaming works with anything you might have loaded — a website, photos, videos, whatever. You can imagine, the implications of this feature are huge: Since all you’re doing is casting a regular browser tab from your computer, anything you can play on your computer can also be played on your TV. That includes video from often restrictive services like Hulu and HBO To Go; if it plays on your computer, it’ll play on your TV. And if you make the video full-screen on your computer, it’ll look just like regular video on your TV.

This is almost a must buy product since it only cost $35. If you can wirelessly stream videos from any device from any website to your TV with little effort, what is not to like about this product, and the price isn’t breaking your bank.

IT seems like a great buy now, and if the product really does take off, you can be assured it will become more stable, have more options, and have less user errors. This is a first gen. product and as you can expect you will run into some hiccups with trying to display random website’s video content.. 

This product also could drastically expand Google’s presence in the cable TV market, more so challenging cable companies, and hopefully taking some of their business. 😎 (I am not big fan of Google’s relationship with big brother, but the cables companies are committing highway robbery these day.) 

With Chromecast it seems as if  they can now mine data, track  user viewing habits, and also use this data to directly advertise and monetize  ads to specific customers. I would love to see this hurt major cable companies such as Comcast, but it does seem far-fetched at this day and time.. At least with ChromeCast, you are choosing what to view, and most likely  viewing  internet sites or apps which will have a lot less ads than Comcast(or insert random cable company here.) Instead of paying for $50-$100+ monthly cable subscription with programs that contain 30-50% ads, you can view internet videos which usually at the most have one thirty second ad. 

This seems like a must buy or try it at least product, since it only cost $35. Knowledge of using a Chrome browser, adding extensions to it, being a power user in watching videos through the internet,   and having a bit a patience are probably a prerequisite for Chromecast..  But hey, time to expand your horizons if you don’t fit the bill, just do it, start using your tablet as a internet video gateway and go nuts! Cancel your cable TV subscription!!!!!